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*For more detailed information regarding pricing, procedure and restrictions, please refer to the

Sample Lease Agreement & Event Procedures & Usage Rules on the Important Information page.


What is the seated capacity of the Riviera?

Our comfortable maximum which would allow space for dancing is approximately 215-230 depending on head table set-up and the amount of space needed for your entertainment.  

If doing all rounds of 10 (which is tight) this can go up to 270 max.

If no space is needed for dancing, entertainment, the maximum capacity seated is 320.

If you need space for a buffet, these capacities would reduce by approximately 24-30 guests.


Is there time reserved for a rehearsal? If so, is there an additional fee?

We can schedule a rehearsal for the day before, however, if there is an event booked that day, the time of the rehearsal would depend on the event timing. If there is not an event booked you can schedule it for any time you would like. We will need to wait until 30 days prior to confirm whether or not there is an event the day before. We do have to schedule a Riviera staff member in order to open the doors, turn on the air and be available in case of emergencies, so you would pay the same $50/hour for the rehearsal as you pay for set-up on the day of the wedding. There is a 2-hour minimum, so it would likely be a flat fee of $100 unless you wanted more time to complete some of your wedding set-up at that time as well. The request to have your rehearsal on-site must be made at least 2 weeks prior to the date of the wedding.


Any service or sales tax I should be aware of?

No, there is no sales tax on any of our charges.


Is there a minimum number of guests required? Is there a fee if this is not met?

No, we have the flat rental rate that does not change regardless of your number of guests. 

Is there guest parking available?

We are so lucky to be on our own peninsula, but with that luxury, we do not have a private parking lot on site. We often are a destination wedding location, so many of the guests stay at hotels right in town within walking distance. Most of the hotels offer complimentary parking for their guests. We do also have a 30 minute load-in area, so if you have any guests that will need to be dropped off and escorted in, someone can do that and then go find parking. For the guests that are driving in, they can park at any of the meters in town, or one of the three parking lots. If they don’t mind walking 10 minutes, they can park in the residential area and not pay a meter. Regardless I recommend letting guests know via the wedding website and invitation that they will need to find street parking, so to please arrive early with plenty of time just in case they have to drive around a bit to find something really close. I've provided detailed information for parking options including maps of the lots on our Location and Parking page for your to review.

Is there a bridal suite on-site?

We do not. Most of our brides will get ready in a bridal suite at a close-by hotel or wherever they are going to be staying that evening. If staying at a close-by hotel, they can simply walk over and take advantage of that time for extra photos, or some take a trolly or limo over from wherever they are staying.

Is there an outdoor ceremony space on-site?

There is not. Couples that choose to not have their ceremony in the ballroom often get married in a church or an alternative venue close-by. There is also a park just across Wrigley dr. (Flat Iron Park) that couples have used in the past. Please contact the City of Lake Geneva for information regarding using the park and permitting for park events:

Is ceremony space included? Or additional fee?

We just have the one large space, so couples will have their ceremony and then a short transition period prior to the reception while the caterer moves the tables and chairs in place. During that time, the photographer could take the whole group outside for a big photo at the fountain and by the time guests are coming back in, they can make their way to the bar to begin cocktail hour. There is no additional fee as all event fees include a maximum of 8 hours of event time which tends to be plenty of time for a ceremony to be included. Otherwise, couples will either have their ceremony at a church, or there is a park across the street (Flat Iron Park) that is occasionally used.

Are there any other fees in addition to the rental fee?

The rental fee provides you with 8 hours of event time and 7 hours of set up the day of your event. Additional set-up is billed at $50 per hour (based on availability). 2 staff people are required for up to 250 guests, and 3 are required for over 250 (3rd staff member is charged at $50 per hour). These fees will be deducted from your security deposit after the event.

How much is the security deposit?

The security deposit is $1000 and is required along with the signed lease in order to confirm your event on a definite basis. The deposit is not deducted from your rental fee. It is refunded to you after the event minus any additional set-up and security charges. 

Are we allowed to setup ourselves/ are we allowed decorations? You are actually responsible for setting up all of your personal décor. Our team sets up the tables and  Riviera chairs. Everything else is done by you as the client (or whoever you appoint in your group) or a planner/coordinator if you have one. We do not have any additional décor on site, and you work directly with your vendors to select and coordinate your décor.

Are there any decorations which are not allowed?

Please refer to the event procedures and usage rules for full guidelines. The main restrictions include: No helium filled balloons, no glitter or confetti, no fire burning candles and no pinning, nailing or tacking to painted walls or ceiling. Draping rom the ceiling must be connected to the existing rigging points.

Are sparklers allowed?

Sparklers can be used outside at least 10 feet from the entrance to the building or outdoor staircase. When utilizing sparklers, please provide buckets half filled with water for guests to dispose of the sparklers when done. Client is then responsible for disposing of the buckets.  

How long does setup usually take?

This completely depends on how much you have to set-up. The tables, chairs and dining table linens will be in place by your set-up start time (which you will provide based on what works for you that day and how long you will need). The set-up time is for you or whoever you have designated to come in and set-up your décor, so it is up to you to determine the amount of time you want for set-up.

Can we use whatever caterer we want?

We do ask that couples select a caterer off our list. You do have the option to utilize an outside caterer, however, there would be a $1,500 outside caterer fee to do so. All other vendors are completely up to you. (Keeping in mind that all hired bartenders/beverage service companies are required to be insured and licensed in Wisconsin.)

Do desserts count as catering, or can we bring in our own/use a bakery?

No, you can use whoever you would like for cake or dessert. Please note that you would then be responsible for all clean-up of leftover food and trash from the dessert station and on guest tables since your caterer would not be in charge of that.

What about late-night food?

As long as you are using a caterer on our list for your meal needs (appetizers and entrees, etc), you can bring in something outside for your late-night food station. As with dessert, you would be responsible for ensuring all food and trash from the station is cleaned up and taken out at the end of the night.

Who is responsible for cleaning, taking out the trash and take down of the tables, chairs and decor?

The Riviera staff will take down the tables and chairs as well as all bathroom trash, however, you as the client are responsible for ensuring all décor is taken down and removed that evening and that all other garbage has been taken out to the dumpsters at the end of the night. Our caterers take care of all of their food-related trash, and bartenders should do the same for the beverages. Any additional garbage (from décor, set-up, dessert station etc) is the client’s responsibility. All décor, including florals and linens (if arranged by the client), are required to be removed the evening of the event.

Are we allowed to bring in our own alcohol to be served/disturbed by a licensed/insured bartender?

We do not have a liquor license, so yes, you can provide your own alcohol but it does need to be served by a (City of Lake Geneva) licensed and insured bartending service, and all items need to be removed at the end of the evening. The bartenders will also need to sign off on a closing checklist before leaving at the end of the night that we recommend sending them prior to the wedding so there are no surprises for them that evening. Please note, since we don't have a liquor license, all beverages do need to be hosted, so there can't be any sort of cash or ticket bar. (Guests can't pay for their drinks; they need to be provided to them by the host free of charge). 

Can we leave our décor/personal items overnight and pick them up the next day?                                   

All décor, including florals and linens, are required to be removed the evening of the event. If there is no event booked the following day, we may be able to provide approval for you to come and pick up the items the following day, however, the request must be made at least 2 weeks prior to the event, and the client will need to pay $50/hour with a two hour minimum for a security team member to come in and provide access to the venue. We will not be able to guarantee a next day pick-up until 30 days prior to the date of the wedding.

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